Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to the CHENL Channel!

Welcome to the official blog of CHENL (Christian Home Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador).  The purpose of this blog is to have a place to keep you informed and up-to-date about home education matters, especially CHENL happenings. 

Christian Home Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador (CHENL) is a provincial, volunteer organization that seeks to connect, support and equip all home educators in our province.  We assist in creating a positive social and political environment for all those who choose home based education.  Please take the time to visit CHENL's official website to learn more about our organization. 

We welcome your input through comments on our posts.  Comments are on moderation and have to be approved before they will appear on the blog.

How to Leave a Comment

Under each post there is a line giving information about the post author and time. There is also a "# comments" link and a  Links to this post" link". The # will actually show the number of comments that have been made on the post. Clicking on the either of these links will bring up a page showing the comments that have been approved. Underneath the approved comments there will be a "Post a Comment" heading above a white box. Right at the bottom of the page it will show any links that have been made to the page from other sites.

Type your comment in the box under the "Post a Comment" heading.

Under the box is a "Comment as:" Heading with a white box beside it that says "Select profile..." and has an arrow at the end. When you click on the arrow it brings up the following options:

- Google Account
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When you select any of the first 6 options a pop-up will appear with a place for you to type in your user id info for whichever type of profile you clicked on. For the Name/URL a window comes up for you to type in your name and, if you want, a link to your personal blog, web site,etc. but you do not have to include a website address. You will not have to type in anything if you choose Anonymous.

Underneath that are two options: Post and Comment Preview .  If you want to see what your comment will look like click on preview, if not just click on post. When you click on Post Comment highlighted text will appear saying that "Your comment will be visible after approval".  It may take a day for approval to be given.


  1. WOW - This is great! I can see this working so well. I hope I'm doing this correctly. I signed up as a "follower" and clicked on "public" rather than "private". Is that right? I love the name CHENL CHANNEL.

  2. Great job, Jacqueline. Can't wait to see everyone joining and getting involved.

  3. This is great .... love the name Chenl Channel! Looking forward to seeing more people use this and to see some discussion : )